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January 2008
February 2008

The museum has been a leader in museum educational programs in New England for more than two decades, receiving regional recognition and state awards. Each year over 10,000 school children and tour groups visit the museum.

Educational programs are designed to be engaging, dynamic and flexible. Programs emphasize student participation and small group activities. We can adjust any program to fit the needs of your class and group.

For more information or questions, please call the Education Office at (203) 753-0381 ext. 13 or e-mail us at info@mattatuckmuseum.org.

 Museum Tours 
The tours listed below are designed for school-aged children. All tours may be adapted for any kind of group.

See, Hear, Explore! (Grades K-2, 1¼ hours)
Explore the museum using the senses: sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Designed as an introductory museum experience utilizing age-appropriate participatory activities in the art and history galleries.

Our Great City Then and Now (Grades 2-3, 1¼ hours)
Begin with a brief visit to the Waterbury Green to observe first hand elements that make a city. Build a model village in the museum and discover how and why cities grow and change over time. Suggested Loan Kit: City Discovery

From Farm to Factory (Grades 4-6, 1¼ hours)
Walk through American history with an hands-on local twist. Explore the lifestyles of a self-sufficient farmer, a slave named Fortune, a penniless inventor, an enterprising clock maker, an industrialist and a factory worker. See real machines and learn about interchangeable parts, waterpower, invention, immigration, slavery, and child labor. Suggested Outreach: Brass Roots

Art Detective in An Hour (Grades 3-8, 1 hour)
What is the significance of an upturned hat? What happens when an artist paints to music? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you discover the tools of artistic analysis through observation, self- expression, and critical thought. Students become artists and art detectives in this guided tour through the history of American art. (Students will be able to take their work of art home at the end of the tour).

Docents For a Day- 20th Century Art (Grades 7-12 1¼ hours)
Practice public speaking, critical analysis, and exhibit design as you delve into the world of Connecticut’s 20th Century artists. Students will take a leadership role in this museum tour in which they design sample exhibits, research works of art, and make informal presentations the rest of the class. (Internships are available to students who wish to continue their experience beyond the tour program).

Waterbury and the Great American Melting Pot (Grades 7-8, 1¼ hours)
Explore our community’s rich heritage with a look at immigration from a local perspective. Find out where people came from, why they came, and where they settled down. Learn how the immigrants in this city have shaped customs, parades, politics and everything in between.

Labor History and the Global Economy (Grades 8-12, 1¼ hours)
Learn about machines, unions, slave labor, and more in this highly interactive tour of the history exhibit. Students will work in small groups to analyze objects in the collections and draw conclusions about their effects on society.

Tour du Jour (All Ages and lengths)
Museums are constantly changing. Learn about the latest and greatest exhibit or let us create a custom tour of the existing galleries. Call the Education Department in advance for details.

Walking Tours
See the magnificent architecture of Waterbury from the marble encrusted neo-classical structures of Cass Gilbert to the fluid modernist forms of Joseph Stein. Walk the graceful hills of Riverside Cemetery, or learn about the beauty and community that ethnic diversity has brought to our great city. We have tours of the city’s architecture, neighborhoods, churches, Riverside Cemetery, and much more. We are happy to plan custom city tours with advance notice. Please call for details.

 Loan Kits 
The Mattatuck Museum has designed a series of loan kits based on Connecticut State Curriculum Standards. Loan Kits are a way for teachers to bring the museum to their classrooms. The kits, based on a variety of museum themes, include classroom activities and genuine museum artifacts for handling, role-play, and interactive games.

Native American Culture and Traditions (Grades 1-3)
Run your fingers over a real arrowhead, learn how to make a birch bark canoe, and discover the culture and traditions of Native Americans in Connecticut. Included are books, maps, illustrations, and original artifacts for handling and role-play.

School Days (Grades 2-6)
Connect with history by following the lives of school children in the 19th and 20th centuries. Play games using historical photographs and written accounts of school life, write with quill pens, and imagine a classroom without paper. This kit includes original schoolbooks, educational games, laminated display cards, and schoolhouse artifacts from the museum’s collection.

City Discovery (Grades 2-6)
Explore the city through this multimedia kit focused on the urban experience. Play city games, identify local landmarks on magnetized aerial photographs, read the oral histories of city residents, and learn a variety of lessons from the 10 books and 20 activity sheets included in the kit.

Brass Valley Industries (Grades 4 and up)
Hold Waterbury-made products in your hands as you read the oral histories of the workers who made them. Use computer presentations, worker photographs, historic passages, and over 25 classroom activities to learn about labor, inventions, immigration, and community building in the Waterbury region.

 Traveling Programs 
Bring the museum to your classroom! Programs are presented by museum docents, and may serve as self-contained programs or tour orientations. Call for reservations at least three weeks in advance. Fees Vary.

Learning to Look (Grades 3-6)
Using art reproductions, students participate in a series of perceptual games that stimulate visual awareness and promote creativity. Content can be coordinated with your Art, Social Studies, or Language Arts curriculum. May serve as an orientation for art tours.

Farm to Factory Orientation (Grade 5)
This exciting interactive video presentation is designed as an orientation for the 5th graders who visit our history exhibit every year. Limit: one class per presentation session.

Brass Roots (Grades 4-8)
What was life like in Connecticut 100 years ago? What important changes were taking place? Learn about the past by “reading” objects and photographs, and discovering other historic “clues.” This can also serve as an orientation for the “Farm to Factory” tour.

Exploring Architecture (Grades 5-8)
Help your students discover the delights of pediments, columns, and other elements of the built environment. By examining pictures of local buildings, students learn how styles change over time. May be coordinated with an “Architectural Explorations” tour.

Bustles & Bloomers (All Ages)
What do your clothes say about your lifestyle? Let the museum’s traveling collection of Victorian fashions teach you about the social customs they represented. Try on our reproduction dress, play with fashionably dressed paper dolls, and hear what Victorian ladies had to say about their restrictive clothing.

Common Threads (All Ages, 35 min. VHS)
Explore the common threads that bring a community together with this unique video presentation. Follow the experiences of the founding members of the African American Community through first hand accounts of migration, work, church, neighborhood life, and the social scene of the early 1900’s.

Neighborhood History Program
See what life was and is like in Waterbury, the city of neighborhoods. Study one neighborhood or study them all with this outreach series on the communities that make our city so special. Includes slide presentation and optional activities. Call for details.

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