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VDC-INFODEX produces a broad line of custom Mil-spec. monitors with:

  • Screen sizes ranging from one inch to 25 inches
  • Custom high brightness EL flat panel displays
  • High resolution
  • Accurate imagery
  • Sunlight readable as required
  • Rugged construction
  • Shock and vibration tested to meet severe battlefield conditions

Naval Systems

US Navy Automated Carrier Landing Display
Bell Aerospace, Textron Systems
21-inch CRT display
All US aircraft carriers have been outfitted with this system.
Currently in use
    US Navy Active Emission Sonar Display
Norden Systems
Nine-inch CRT display.
Currently in use

Hull Mount and VDS Sonar System
Raytheon Marine
Twelve-inch diagonal CRT display
Currently in use by US and foreign navies.

US Navy EA6B Communication Jamming System
Rockwell Collins
4 x 4 Electroluminescent Display
Currently in use

Foreign Navy Decoy Launching System
Sippican Corporation
4 x 8 Electroluminescent Display
Currently in production and in use in the field

Airborne/Air Support Systems                         

US Air Force Joint Tactical Information Display - JTIDS
GEC-Marconi, Rockwell Collins
4 x 8 electroluminescent display
Currently in production and use in the AWACS program

    awacs.jpg US Air Force Boeing A3 Sentry

US Army EH-60AQuick Fix IIB
5-inch diagonal ruggedized, hermetically sealed display
In use in helicopters

F-16 Ground Test Set
BAE Systems
6-inch ruggedized x-y display with dual switchable scan rate
Currently being used in many US and foreign air bases

Aircraft, Ground Mobile Test Set
Rockwell Collins
4x4 sunlight readable electroluminescent display
Currently in field use


Tactical/Ground Support Systems

US Army Communications Jamming System - TACJAM
GTE Sylvania, AEL
Five-inch diagonal CRT display
Currently in use in the field

US Army Hawk System
Six-inch water tight and dust-proof CRT display
Units were designed, assembled, tested and shipped within a 3 month period during Desert Storm. Additional units have been shipped since that time.

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  Maverick Guided Missile Test Set
Allied Signal
Six-inch CRT display
Units are still in use and in production.

Advanced Support Equipment - ASE - Test support for weapons systems
GDE Systems
Each system uses a six-inch CRT and a 4 x 8 electroluminescent display.
Still in use in the field

US Marine Corps Ground Mobile Jamming Equipment
GDE Systems
4 x 4 electroluminescent display
Still in use

LAVAD - Light Armored Vehicle Air Defense
General Dynamics Armament Systems
Nine-inch CRT display
Forty units built, qualified in the vehicle and in use in the field.

AVENGER - Missile Firing System
General Dynamics Armament Systems
Six-inch CRT display
Approximately 1000 units built and in use.


B-1B Bomber Weapons Systems Trainer
Nine-inch CRT display
Still in use. Upgrade to display is currently in production.