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The purpose of this web site is to help foster and maintain a
connection among the members of the 1964 graduating class
of Houghton High School (Houghton, Michigan).

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1964  ~  40th Reunion Year  ~  2004  
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Oshkosh, WI  In only her second week as chief designer for children's apparel-maker Oshkosh B'Gosh, Martha Cox ended the tradition of pink duds for girls and blue ones for boys. "That's so, like, twentieth century", explained Ms. Cox.

St. Petersburg, FL  In a successful merging of two of his passions, music and scuba diving, John Krenitsky has perfected the design of his underwater guitar. "You laugh", he said, "but I got a standing ovation from a whole school of shrimp."

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Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

Any faculty or administration member from our "era" will be considered an honored guest. We'd love to hear from you!

Lois LaneHi All!  Well, we're approaching the thirty-day countdown to the big gala in Copper Harbor on July 17. As I write this (June 15), I am trying to remember exactly which day it was in June 1964 that we graduated from HHS. Since I have apparently lost my copy of the yearbook, I can't look it up (if it's even in there), but it must have been right around this time. Is there anyone out there with a good memory of that day? How about writing in with your recollections to our email box at hhs64@snet.net.

Our Message Board and Pictures pages are still waiting for the expected avalanche of contributions from classmates eager to share their stories, memories, interests, etc. with the rest of us. Surely there can't be a shortage of good stuff to send in! I happen to know there are some good writers and photographers among us - so what are you waiting for? You think we're gonna pay you for it? That's funny!

Here's a few random ideas to promote a little action around this here website (you are certainly welcome to add your own ideas):

Scan a picture or two from the yearbook and send them in with a funny caption.

Create a logo for our 40th reunion. I'll put up a page showing the entries and we can vote for the winner. First prize is immunity from pranks at the reunion.

Become a reporter for the "Recent News" column. Send in a short "news" clip about a classmate.

Finally, I'd like to put out another request for help to get current email addresses and/or phone numbers for "missing" classmates. There are still many who aren't aware of this website because we haven't been able to contact them. If everyone knows about it, at least they have a choice to ignore it!  Here's a list of names we need contact information for.

Thanks. See you soon!

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 Hear your KML golf partner.

We welcome your suggestions for other "Websites of Interest".


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