Eyelet Tech is an owner-operated company with 50 years of aggregate experience in progressive eyelet, stamping, secondary, and assembly operations.

We can fill a broad spectrum of eyelet and stamping specifications with an impressive inventory of power presses ranging from 5 to 60 tons. Using strip material ranging from .003 to .120 guage in a variety of metals, we deliver exactly what the customer wants.

All tools are made in-house using a full range of equipment, from lathes and precision grinders, to WEDM and CNC machining.

We strive for the highest quality at affordable prices!

Our expertise doesn't stop at stamping: we know a thing or two about deburring, plating, and heat-treating, too.

We have many happy customers in the Automotive, Electronics, Computer, Fastener, Medical, and Consumer Products industries.   Let us put a smile on your face, too!


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